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“I'd like to thank the games Lego: Pirates and Mass Effect: 2 for making this sequence of numbers possible.”

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 26/JAN/10
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Now I'm off to finish ME:2 again, so this number won't last long!
Beat ME:2 again, and thought I nailed it (no crew lost). As we're boarding the Normandy though, the camera pans to show Tali's body on the ground... what the crap?!? No explanation, she's just dead :P
Awesome GS XD

Tali's not having a great time between her getting branded a traitor on my game and her spontaneously dying on yours o_รด

Branded a traitor? Shoot, Shep can fix that. Dead? That's a little trickier :P

btw, love that "spock eyebrow" emote, haven't seen that before
Alt+0244! :D
Just get Cerb to rebuild her, they have the tech right? :P

Also how did you not just Charm/Intimidate the war council thing or hell, even use logic to beat their asses into submission :P
Neither Paragon or Renegade was high enough. I should've caught a clue when I ran into that during Samara's loyalty mission. Maybe because I was flying through the game? That or the par/ren split was a little too even. The only options it left me were to honor Tali's wishes or not.
Oh yeah, ME2's charm/intimidate system was based on how much of each you have done so if you have done 50 out of 1000 charms you get options. It encouraged pure renegade/paragon that system as there was no balance.

And if you talk to all the Quarians before going to clear out the Geth infested ship, you should have an option to incite the crowd to help Tali without evidence or para/rene points
Yeah, I heard you could do that. I skipped a lot of dialog since I was rushing ^^;
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